Children’s Ministry Photo Booth

A silly shared experience

Boston Photo Booth

Ever been at a party and felt like you were in 7th grade all over again but were without the excuse of being 12 years old to cling to?

Maybe the others at said gathering are people you work with on a day-to-day basis with whom you speak constantly in the office, but there the content for conversation is provided. What on Earth do we talk about in social settings?

As an adult, I find my inner middle schooler appears more than I would like, and through a bit of research among friends, the secret is out! We are all twelve on the inside. All of us, at some point, in some situation, feel the anxiety of “not knowing anyone” or “thinking everyone else has it all together but us” at a party.

Picture a middle school dance now.

Ok, now that we are on the same page…

What sort of things break through the awkward and help in connection?

Shared experiences! Tried and tested again and again, doing something together forms a place to allow for conversation, laughs, and goodness. Perhaps a photo booth can be a spot to bridge a gap of awkwardness with co-workers or perhaps make a new pal!

I mean, who can keep a straight face while holding a mustache on a stick or wearing a ridiculous hat?

Company parties can build morale, in my experience, when you allow and encourage your employees and co-workers to gather with no agenda other than eating, drinking, and being merry.

Some of us have no problem at all jumping into a social setting and chatting it up with known and unknown people alike. These social butterfly friends of ours do not need much to encourage the silly.

Others of us, however, do better when we have a bit of a nudge and a conversation topic to broach unfamiliar waters. The good news is that generally, a group has a few of each personality with its dynamic, so we can work together to diffuse the difficulty!

Remember, being a middle schooler on the inside can also have its perks! Those kids still know how to PLAY, something we adults tend to neglect if we are not careful.

Ferris Bueller, anyone?

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it.”

So create space for that shared experience by adding a photo booth to your setting for your next company gathering! Make some silly memories off the clock, capture them on camera, and see what happens when you all return to the office. I would be willing to bet there might be a bit more lightheartedness felt in the office on Monday! The possibilities for creation of shared experiences are endless, really…

Throwing an anniversary party for your parents? Just think of how funny THOSE pictures would be, and what a great gift to be able to give them, a scrapbook of their friends and family who have been by their side for so many years!

Having an engagement party because your wedding is going to be a smaller event or is going to be one of the destination variety? Provide a spot for your guests to celebrate you and send you off before you have your more intimate ceremony!

Is your invite list for your gathering full of ages from little ones to the older and wiser population? Bridge the generation gap by having an open air booth so all who pass by can be entertained and encouraged to play! The young ones will show you how it is done, to be sure, and I would suspect the young-at-heart folks will warm your heart just as much!

Bringing together those of actual middle school or high school age? Or throwing a university function? In my mind, a photo booth is a home run. In the selfie age in which we now live, getting this generation in front of a camera should not require any arm twisting!

What will your next gathering be for?

Add a little fun and create a space for some silly! I do not think you will regret it. We would love to help!