Advantages To Closed Booths

Advantages To Closed Booths

If you’re looking for a traditional photo booth, the kind you pull the curtain back and jump in with a pal, then a closed booth is the booth for you!

We have put a little modern twist on our closed booths by making them bigger allowing more room for more friends to jump in and strike a pose. We also offer add-ons like unlimited prints and easy upload ability to social media.

Another advantage of a closed booth is that it gives your guests some privacy while they are taking their photos. Feel free to make silly faces without an audience or sneak that kiss on the cheek to that girl you have a crush on without the masses knowing about it.

Lastly, our closed photo booths are spacious inside so you don’t struggle to all get in the shot, and at the same time time do not take up much space at your event.

Below are a couple examples from our closed photo booth.

Boston Rental Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental MA