DIY Anyone?

DIY Anyone?

DIY Photo Booth Background

Oh how I love a project. And as previously mentioned, a shared experience is my sweet spot.

So, how about combining the two?

Weddings are busy, task-filled events. Whether you have planned one yourself, have been a part of the wedding party, or had a friend get hitched, you know that this celebration of joy is meant to bring friends and families together to make memories can get overwhelmed by checking off the to-do list.

I cannot pare down that list for you necessarily, but I just might be able to add to the memory-making portion of your prep for your celebration.

Photos will be a centerpiece to your wedding. Every bride and groom wants the visuals to look lovely and help them to remember this event that will more than likely feel like a blur while they are in the midst.

So what will your backdrop be for your photo booth? You have an idea of your color scheme and a friend found a link on a Pinterest board that will be absolutely perfect! And…you can make it yourself which makes your inner child who likes to create something happy and adds to the personal touches of a day that you want to be unique, specific, and completely yours.

Do you know how many friends you have who love you and are over-the-moon excited about your wedding?So many. Just think of your guest list. You may not want to invite the entire list, but I would imagine there are some you would love to add to the list of those who you get to spend some intentional time. There is simply not room for all of these dear friends to stand beside you during the ceremony. You would love to include more people you love in this sweet time.

Also, so much of the wedding is centered on the bride, and rightly so. The groom is just as much a key player in this day of joining two from one.

Here is an opportunity to get the guys involved in a wedding task they might just enjoy!

Back to our project.

Gather a group of those dear ones, guys and girls alike, together at your house (or someone else’s house) to create this DIY photo booth backdrop masterpiece!

Blow up balloons, cut streamers or shapes out of tissue paper, Everyone can use scissors and follow simple directions!

Generally, the guys are pretty game to help with construction projects, I have found, and the prospect of spending time with girls in a casual setting seems a good draw for them wanting to join in.

Make it an all ages gathering with family or have it be just the adults and have IPA and G&T on hand. Shape the setting as you like, even find one of these friends who loves organizing a gathering of people and let them run with the details!

The point is to gather and create…both memories and a beautiful backdrop! You will get to spend some time with your favourite people while giving them each a chance to make a fingerprint on your special day!

I can guarantee each one of these folks who cut out countless tissue paper flowers will make sure and have their photo taken in front of their shared creation!

**Make sure your wedding party is there among the others. Give them a chance to mingle and get to know one another before they are in formal attire trying to keep in step with one another walking down the aisle and sharing a dance. They will thank you, if not in outright words, in more relaxed shoulders and more smiles when you all gather and on the day, itself.