PAX East 2017

PAX East 2017

PAX is one of our favorite events of the year here in Boston! There’s always so much energy on the trade show floor. New products, games, and a ton of creative gamers creating some amazing outfits! This year we partnered up with Kabam who was there promoting their newest mobile game Transformers game : Forged to Fight. 

Gamers were invited to stand in the hand of Optimus Prime. Our booth was placed in front of the character and created a 4×6 print with a Transformers overlay. Gamers were able to not only walk away with a 4×6 print but also Email or blast the image out to the social media outlets sharing their image with #forgedtofight in their post.

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Boston Photo Booth Slideshow

Slide shows are a great way to show your photo booths images immediately to a large group of people. With our software, we are able to take a photo and within seconds put it in a sideshow and display it on a projector screen or a TV.

This feature is ideal for conventions, sporting events, and corporate holiday parties!

PAX East 2017

Frames For Photo Booth Prints

Frames are a great way to improve the overall presentation of your 4×6 photo print!

Our 5×6 frames contain a fold to provide room for the 4×6 photo to fit easily, and the frame can be designed any way you like!

If you would like to use it for a wedding, we would recommend keeping the design clean and using your names and wedding date. For a corporate photo booth event, you can use a logo and event name on the front of the frame.

Custom Photo Booth Boston