Open Air Photo Booth Backgrounds

Open Air Photo Booth Backgrounds


New open air booth backdrops have arrived!

Boston Photo Booth

If a classic black stage is what you have in mind, we, of course, always have you covered. Some occasions, however, call for a bit more of a creative set to encourage your guests to get more inventive with their poses and props!

Each our backdrops are made of a thick material which keeps light from shining through and keeps your picture looking perfect, and its built-in stretch allows it to be pulled tight so it is absolutely wrinkle-free!

Do you fancy having your guests look like they are all truly a part of your wedding party without actually having 150 bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Design a backdrop with colors from your wedding so they all get their moment in front of the camera to celebrate you. When they take home their photos and hang them on the fridge for posterity, there will be no question whose wedding they were attending!

Are you having a company event to celebrate the launch of a new clothing line or a fund raiser for a local charity? We can provide a backdrop with custom logos to not only help you capture the evening full of hilarious memories but also to help further your marketing efforts as you share your photos with friends outside your company!

Perhaps you are thinking…

“But what if someone wanted to have an option of background right there on the spot?” No worries. We can make that happen!

Our Green Screen Photo Booths allow for 3 options of background “on the spot”!

Fancy having your guests pictured in a green space in London, where you would have like to have been able to have afforded to have your nuptials?

Londoners you will all be!

Want to be reminded that everyone trudged through 2 feet of snow to make it to your event because they didn’t want to miss it?

A snow-covered landscape you shall have while staying warm and looking fabulous!

Use your imagination, and let us take care of the details!

So, yes, what you are hearing is correct.

The stage you set for your event is 100% up to YOU!

Our aim is for this booth to be all about you and your guests having a blast, making memories, and laughing yourselves silly!

Send us an inquiry here and we will get to work!